Friday, 1 April 2011

Let the train take the strain in France

The TGV (Train Grand Vitesse meaning very fast train) will whisk you to the sunny south in a few short hours. I always prefer to travel by train if possible, it's much more comfortable than flying, the check in is much smoother and quicker and you have interesting and sometimes spectacular scenery to look at. And with all the lengthy airport check ins I think train travel is just as quick if you're travelling within a country, say from the north to the south of France.

The TGV travels along some amazing routes with spectacular scenery. Sit back and enjoy it!

The very fast train (TGV) entering the channel tunnel, which links France and England, or is it leaving the tunnel?

It's only just over two hours from London to Paris on Eurostar. You could stop in Paris or travel onwards to the Alps or the south of France.

It's hard to beat the Alps as a good place for walking in the summer months. This beautiful area of mountains and lakes is also ideal for boating and other water sports during the summer.

Nice, on the Cote d'Azur, one of many destinations you can reach by train.

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